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UV Disinfection

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Perhaps the most innovative service we offer is a deployment of portable UV Light units to disinfect & sanitize any size of room or entire floor. This service is sometimes used as a standalone application but is more effectively used when combined with our HEPA Air Scrubber units and HEPA vacuums to effectively clean and prepare the area for UV deployment.  The same cleaning technique is used on most of our environmental projects and it is based on daily (need to come basis), scheduled weekly, monthly or annual service contracts. 

Best of all, this type of service is surprisingly affordable and it could be as a part of or Preventative Maintenance Program or just be coordinated using your existing cleaning and maintenance contractor. Please note that your existing cleaning crew should be able to clean and prepare areas in need prior our mobilization. 

This type of microbial disinfection is extremely effective and almost necessary in:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Pharmaceutical facilities
  • All Laboratory’s
  • Health Clubs
  • Restaurants


Key Features:

UV Effect of 254 NM Wavelength Photochemical destruction of the DNA of microorganisms via absorption of UV light produced spectrum, shutdown of microorganism’s reproductive process, deactivating it, and rendering it no longer pathogenic.

  • Treatment time in less than 20 minutes of each phase or room for eradication of 99.9% of bacteria & viruses.
  • No chemicals, solvents or fogging gas involved.
  • No harmful or caustic residue left behind.
  • Room can be occupied immediately after the treatment process.

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