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Preventative Maintenance – Hepa Cleaning Services

Perhaps the most innovative service we offer is a Professional Microbial Air Quality Cleanup. This service consists of using high quality commercial grade HEPA units and vacuums to effectively clean and sanitize any size area or entire building (commercial, industrial and residential). The same cleaning technique is used on all of our environmental projects and it is based on daily, weekly, monthly or annual service contracts. Best of all, this type of service is very affordable and it could be coordinated using your existing basic cleaning and maintenance contractor. This type of professional cleanup is especially useful and almost necessary in:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants

Preventative Maintenance or also known as “Predictive Maintenance” basically means that we are looking for early signs of moisture infiltration or excess humidity thus preventing the mold spores from ever colonizing. Aside from scheduled interior inspections, periodic exterior inspections are conducted for possible moisture or water intrusion. Many professional buildings for instance, are built around lakes, rivers and swamps. Very rarely will anybody inspect for discoloration around the exterior perimeter for possible signs of fungal growth, which can eventually make its way inside the building. Even old sprinkler systems, leaking or neglected HVAC units, fountains etc., could be potential breading grounds for microorganisms.

Besides monitoring moisture levels behind any type of material and environment, as well as diagnosing the cause of dampness, we are equipped and trained to conduct targeted air and material sampling. They are analyzed by an independent laboratory with results that can pinpoint specific areas in need of extra attention or restoration. Inspection of HVAC units and any openings behind walls, above ceilings, air plenum space etc., are performed using the latest in fiber optic technology.

We can also provide professional duct cleaning & total disinfection service, using state of the art truck mounted “Jet Vacuum Unit” in combination with rotary/whip cleaning method with air washing system.